Ah, The Christmas Memories!

Ornaments Copyright by Holly Hedman

Copyright by Holly Hedman

Two days before Christmas and this is the first time (I believe) that I felt so relaxed!  Living so far away from family has its benefits… sometimes!  This year we have no visitors, no travel plans and no one coming over on Christmas day.  It is the first, time in a very long time, that we are celebrating Christmas just our little family of five!

Are these our kids?

We have been having a lot of fun and the past few days (well, maybe even longer) the kids have been really, really, really good!  I almost wonder if someone flipped a switch in them from “okay kids” to “REALLY good kids”.  Maybe it is because there are all sorts of presents wrapped under the tree.  Maybe it is the fact that Santa is coming soon (Yes, we believe!).  Maybe because it is almost Jesus’ birthday.  What ever it is, our kids have been really good! They have been so good that even they notice!  That is funny to me! Today, one of the girls even commented saying, “have you noticed that we have been really good lately and that you guys haven’t needed to yell at all?”  My husband and I just stopped and looked at each other, kind of surprised by that comment seeing we just talked about that before she came into the room!

Usually on days when we don’t have anything to do or places to be, the kids like to play with friends.  It is almost strange for them to just stay home when they don’t have to!  But, I have to say that I have been enjoying these past few days and I am savoring them because I know it won’t last!

Paper Stars Copyright by Holly Hedman

Paper Stars
Copyright by Holly Hedman

Movie Day!

Today, we got up and it was Christmas movie morning!  All of us in our pajamas (Yes, the girls had on their “Christmas Jammies”… have you seen the video? Oh my word it is funny! Here is a link to it, click here.) sat around watching Christmas movies.  We watched Nester the Long Eared Donkey, Year Without A Santa Claus, Little House On The Praire (the one where it was their first year as Plum Creek) and then some old old old Christmas movies from the 50’s.  It never fails, I always cry mulitiple times when we watch Nester The Long Eared Donkey and so did both the girls!  Such a good video.  I wish they still made good family friendly movies.

Wolf Painting Copyright by Holly Hedman

Wolf Painting
Copyright by Holly Hedman

After we were done watching movies, the kids still hung out!  I decided to make a paper ornament, our oldest decided she would make different things out of the Rainbow loom bands and our blondie decided to start her wolf painting (it is a paint by number type of painting and it is not easy).  My husband was finishing up the shelves he made for our oldest’s closet and our little man was having a great time playing in his room!

Loom Wreath Copyright by Holly Hedman

Loom Wreath
Copyright by Holly Hedman

I made dinner early and then we had a dance party in the living room.  We used to do this when our little man was a baby and the girls would dress up in their flower girl dresses and we would dance together, laugh, let them do solo dances and hug!  It has been about 3-4 years since we did that and it was great to see how much the girls have grown and matured in their dancing (I guess the dance classes have paid off).  Once the dance party was over, we introduced the kids to the movie The Christmas Story!  Yes, it is the one where Ralphie wanted a Red Rider BB gun!  Boy, funny how movies in the 80’s are not like movies now… It is good to know my kids know what not to say and what words should not be repeated.  But, it was a funny way to end such a good day!

Family Tree Copyright by Holly Hedman

Family Tree
Copyright by Holly Hedman

For the love of family!

After we got all the kids in bed, I sat down on the couch and just looked at our Family Christmas tree as it glowed in our lowly lit living room.  Looking at all the ornaments on the tree brought back all sorts of memories from when I was a kid.  I call our tree the Family Christmas tree because that is what it is.  My parents are now retired and are snow birds, so they don’t have room for all the ornaments and a big tree.  Not only do we have our own ornaments on the tree, we also have my parents ornaments and ones from when I was a kid!  The glow of the Family Tree always fills my heart with love.  Love for my parents, who struggled to give my sister, brother and me what we needed (maybe not what we wanted but always what we needed).  Love for my own family and the joy they bring.  Love for our Savior, who came into this world as a baby to save  us from our sins.  Love for God, who loves us unconditionally!  Funny how a silly tree can bring all those feelings and memories!

Today has made me realize that you don’t need to do all sorts of crazy things during Christmas to make it memorable.  Life is crazy and active enough, why make Christmas so non-stop with activities?  Love on your kids, make time to just be!  Remember the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our Savior and just relax and enjoy this season!  Time goes by way to fast to not slow down!

My God Bless you and yours!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!


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